House Siding Cleaning and Power Washing in London, Ontario

House Siding Cleaning and Power Washing

Looking to provide your home a renovation? Look no further than Forest City Design & Service’s first-class residence siding cleaning and power washing in London! Our handyman team is below to make your home luster in the middle of the altering seasons.

House siding cleaning and power washing are methods used to clean the exterior surfaces of buildings, particularly the siding. Here’s what each involves:

  1. House Siding Cleaning:

    • Purpose: The primary goal of house siding cleaning is to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other debris from the exterior walls of a house.
    • Methods:
      • Soft Washing: This involves using low-pressure water combined with cleaning solutions to gently clean the siding without causing damage.
      • Brushing or Scrubbing: Sometimes, a soft-bristled brush or sponge is used to scrub away stubborn stains or growth.
      • Rinsing: After applying cleaning solutions, the siding is thoroughly rinsed with water to remove all traces of dirt and cleaning agents.
    • Materials: Depending on the type of siding (vinyl, wood, brick, etc.), different cleaning solutions and techniques may be used to ensure effective and safe cleaning.
  2. Power Washing:

    • Purpose: Power washing is a more intense cleaning method that uses pressurized water to remove tough stains, dirt, algae, and even loose paint from surfaces.
    • Equipment: A power washer is a machine that sprays water at high pressure, which can be adjusted depending on the surface being cleaned.
    • Applications: Power washing is suitable for more durable surfaces like concrete driveways, stone patios, and sometimes siding (but with caution to avoid damage).
    • Technique: Professionals adjust the pressure and angle of the water spray to effectively clean without causing damage to the surface.

What You Do:

  • As a service provider specializing in house siding cleaning and power washing, your tasks would involve:
    • Assessing the condition of the siding or exterior surface to determine the appropriate cleaning method (soft washing or power washing).
    • Preparing the area by covering sensitive plants or objects and ensuring proper safety measures.
    • Applying cleaning solutions and using equipment (pressure washers, brushes) to clean the siding thoroughly.
    • Ensuring all cleaning agents are rinsed off properly to prevent streaking or damage.
    • Providing additional treatments or sealants to protect the siding after cleaning, if required.
    • Offering maintenance advice to homeowners to prolong the cleanliness and condition of their siding.

Both house siding cleaning and power washing are essential maintenance tasks that help preserve the appearance and structural integrity of a home’s exterior. Proper cleaning can also prevent issues like mold growth, which can be detrimental to both the aesthetics and health of residents.

Provide your home the TLC it deserves withh Forest City Design & Service’s residence siding cleaning andd power washing solution in London.

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